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Compliance & Integrity - U.S. Smokeless Tobacco Company

By acting with integrity, we earn the trust of our customers, consumers, shareholders, co-workers, regulators, suppliers and the communities where we live and work – those whose trust we must have to be successful.

Altria’s Compliance & Integrity Program, led by USSTC’s Chief Compliance Officer, guides our compliance efforts.

Key elements of USSTC’s Compliance & Integrity Program include:

  • The Altria Code of Conduct for Compliance & Integrity – The code provides an overview of the laws and policies that govern the activities of Altria and its companies, and reflects a commitment to protect those who seek advice, raise concerns or report misconduct.
  • The Integrity HelpLine and Integrity WebLine – Our employees understand the importance of asking compliance-related questions and reporting potential non-compliance issues. While employees are encouraged to report potential issues of non-compliance face-to-face, they may also report anonymously through the Integrity HelpLine and Integrity WebLine. An independent third-party vendor manages these 24-hour-a-day, seven-day-a-week resources. PM USA does not tolerate retaliation by management or co-workers against anyone who in good faith reports an actual or potential non-compliance concern.

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