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Trade Programs - U.S. Smokeless Tobacco Company

U.S. Smokeless Tobacco Company offers two trade programs, one for wholesalers who directly buy from us and distribute our products to other wholesalers or to retailers; and one for retailers who sell our products. These programs are designed to help us and our trade partners succeed in the smokeless tobacco category in a responsible manner.

Wholesale Trade Program

Our Wholesale Program is performance-based and designed to support the responsible, timely and efficient distribution of USSTC’s products.

The Wholesale Program was developed on the following principles:

  • Offer the wholesale community a pay-for-performance program
  • Obtain accurate and timely shipment data for all tobacco categories
  • Support USSTC’s brands and promotions
  • Continue to promote the responsible distribution of USSTC’s products

Retail Trade Program

Our Retail Program helps retailers organize their smokeless tobacco category and create better alignment with USSTC by providing incentives to retailers to responsibly merchandise fresh product to adult smokeless tobacco consumers while minimizing returns.  Our program is developed on the following category management principles, each of which is designed to help retailers best meet the preferences of adult smokeless tobacco consumers:

  • Ensure in-stock availability of top USSTC’s brands
  • Provide adult smokeless tobacco consumers with the freshest USSTC products
  • Introduce adult smokeless tobacco consumers to new USSTC products
  • Clearly communicate price and promotional offers
  • Prevent retail access to underage purchasers 
Our retail trade program has a variety of merchandising options for retailers to choose from. These options are designed to offer retailers flexible choices to best meet the needs of each store.

The Retail Program includes several features to help prevent underage access to tobacco products and to manage the category in a responsible manner. The Food and Drug Administration regulates the marketing and sale of smokeless tobacco products at retail, including requiring retailers to merchandise smokeless tobacco products in a non-self-service manner.

However, in addition to requiring that retailers comply with applicable laws and regulations, our retail trade program also requires retailers to take additional measures that are not mandated by federal law, including:

  • training store personnel who sell tobacco products using We Card® or equivalent training;
  • displaying We Card or equivalent signage;
  • using an age verification tool;
  • placing retail signage that tells adults not to buy tobacco products for kids; and
  • adhering to the Smokeless Tobacco Master Settlement Agreement.
USSTC's Retail Program also includes limits on the amount of USSTC signs at retail.

We believe by engaging with our business partners and maintaining a strong focus on satisfying adult tobacco consumers, we will continue to support our mutual success.

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